Learn about our detailed lineup of available plant services operating on full-scale production.

Asphalt Mixes

Mix Number Description
#208 CalTrans 3/4″ Max Medium
#211 CalTrans 1/2″ Max Medium
#205 EDC Parking Lot 1/2″
#210 Fine Driveway 1/2″
#201 Ultra Fine Driveway 1/2″
#202 3/8″ Fine Mix
#203 Gunpowder Mix
Antistrip Additional charge per ton, call for current pricing
PG 64-28 Binder Additional charge per ton, call for current pricing
PG 64-28PM Binder Additional charge per ton, call for current pricing
Cold Mix Call for current pricing


SS-1 and Sealcoat

We offer SS-1 and Overkote sealcoat in various quantities.  Pricing decreases with increased quantities.

SS-1 can be pumped into five (5) gallon buckets.  Please bring your own bucket and top as we do not stock empty buckets.  Due to the size of the hose coming out of our bulk tank, we are unable to pump Overkote into containers that hold under 20 gallons of material.  Here again, one must bring a container for transporting this product.  What has worked well, is to bring an empty garbage can with a garbage bag inside and a lid.  Once the sealer has been put down the empty garbage bag can be removed and the garbage can remains usable.

We do have one sealer tank trailer that is available for rental for large areas that need sealer.  Also, we have available a larger tank that can be placed into the bed of a 3/4 ton or larger pickup to be used for the same purpose.  The office staff maintains a reservation sheet for these tanks.  They are quite popular and it is recommended that one reserve the tank as soon as possible.  Customers are also able borrow squeegees along with the tanks for application purposes.

Coverage for Overkote ranges between 30 and 50 square feet per gallon depending on the condition of the asphalt.

Asphalt Treatments

In addition to SS-1 and Overkote, Tahoe Asphalt also stocks a number of specialty crack sealing products.  We carry a product for gatored surfaces called Gatoraid .  We also stock Super-flex cold crack filler and a hot oil spot treatment. These three products are all stocked in 5 gallon buckets.  For hot applied crack filler, we have available two types in boxes, Deery’s and Crafco.