Asphalt Mixes

Mix Number
#208 CalTrans 3/4″ Max Medium
#211 CalTrans 1/2″ Max Medium

#210 Fine Driveway 1/2″

#202 3/8″ Fine Mix

Antistrip Additional charge per ton, call for current pricing
PG 64-28 Binder Additional charge per ton, call for current pricing
PG 64-28PM Binder Additional charge per ton, call for current pricing
Cold Mix Call for current pricing

SS-1 and Sealcoat

We offer SS-1 and Overkote sealcoat in various quantities. Pricing decreases with increased quantities.
SS-1 can be pumped into five (5) gallon buckets. Please bring your own bucket and top as we do not stock empty buckets. Due to the size of the hose coming out of our bulk tank, we are unable to pump Overkote into containers that hold under 20 gallons of material. Here again, one must bring a container for transporting this product. What has worked well, is to bring an empty garbage can with a garbage bag inside and a lid. Once the sealer has been put down the empty garbage bag can be removed and the garbage can remains usable.

We do have one sealer tank trailer that is available for rental for large areas that need sealer. Also, we have available a larger tank that can be placed into the bed of a 3/4 ton or larger pickup to be used for the same purpose. The office staff maintains a reservation sheet for these tanks. They are quite popular and it is recommended that one reserve the tank as soon as possible. Customers are also able borrow squeegees along with the tanks for application purposes.

Coverage for Overkote ranges between 30 and 50 square feet per gallon depending on the condition of the asphalt.

Asphalt Treatments

In addition to SS-1 and Overkote, Tahoe Asphalt also stocks a number of specialty crack sealing products. We carry a product for gatored surfaces called Gatoraid . We also stock Super-flex cold crack filler and a hot oil spot treatment. These three products are all stocked in 5 gallon buckets. For hot applied crack filler, we have available two types in boxes, Deery’s and Crafco.


Asphalt prices to be reaffirmed at time of purchase based on current asphalt rack price.

1/2” Mixes (coarse to fine)
Prices listed per U.S. ton
Cal Trans 1/2” Max Medium ‘A’ Type Fine Driveway
Cal Trans 3/4″ Mix
3/8” Fine — 3/8” Patch Material
Using PG 64-28 Binder

Aggregate Products
(prices per U.S. ton)

Recycle Base Type II
Compactable Fill (decomposed granite) Screened Fill


Dumping Fees
(prices per U.S. ton)

We reserve the right to refuse any load – NO WOOD, BARK, GARBAGE OR DELETERIOUS MATERIALS. We reserve the right to decline ANY load that does not meet our requirements.

Broken A.C. and Concrete — CLEAN
A.C. and Concrete Oversized (3’ x 3’)
D.G. Clean
D.G. Dirty Oversized (3’ x 3’)
Asphalt Grindings

SS-1 Prices (per ton)
.01 to .25 ton – $1,380.00
.26 to .5 ton – $1,260.00
.51 to 2.0 tons – $1,140.00
2.01 to 4.0 tons – $1,060.00
Over 4.0 tons – $960.00
Sealcoat Prices (per ton)
.01 to .25 ton – $1,000.00
.26 to .5 ton – $800.00
.51 to 2.0 tons – $700.00
2.01 to 4.0 tons – $600.00
Over 4.0 tons – $480.00

~Estimated Conversion Chart~

SS-1 in Tons
Sealcoat in Tons

Payment is net 30 days on account and COD on all others. No discounts are given. Sales tax will be added when applicable. Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at the highest legal rate. All quoted jobs will be pre-liened. Stop notices will be filed for non-payment. Title passes to buyer when material is placed in truck. Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time for any or no reason. Accounts delinquent for more than 30 days will be placed on a cash only basis. All quoted prices expire 30 days after date of quote unless customer’s order has been received and accepted in writing by Tahoe Asphalt before that time. After our acceptance in writing, prices shall remain fixed for the May thru October season, unless oil and/or energy costs increase by more than 5%. Then Tahoe Asphalt reserves the right to adjust the agreed prices for all remaining deliveries in an amount sufficient to cover the increased costs. Any unauthorized dumping of unauthorized materials will be charged at $500.00 per yard.

Environmental Fee: ALL inbound and outbound products will be billed an additional per load truck fee of:
Bobtail $3.00
10 Wheeler $4.00
18 Wheeler $5.00

We are open for business Sunday thru Thursday 24 hours a day for dumping and base loading. Office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday. We close on Friday at 5:00 pm. Due to regulatory agencies, no exception can be made.

Dumping and base loading times are Sunday to Thursday 24 hours a day using window sheet after office hours when there is no weigh master present. Please have your drivers aware of how to fill out sheet and where to find the scale reading, there is no training on this before 8:00 am or after 3:30 pm. Friday we close at 5:00 pm.

Mandatory 10 MPH speed limit in the yard at all times due to dust abatement plan.

Any dieseling of trucks must be done on your job site, never on Industrial Avenue or in our yard.

Asphalt orders must be placed 24 to 28 hours ahead of time. Please remember to call with all
asphalt orders over 100 tons. Confirmation will be required prior to pick-up date using our order

Special binder must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.

Please choose your mix carefully and let your driver know:
(1) who the product is being charged to,
(2) what mix type to order
(3) what the project name is before they arrive at the scale

You must notify the office of plans to begin a quoted project and provide pre-lien information at
least two business days in advance of project start date. Quoted prices will only be valid when this is done.


Mix #
Description and Use
Cal Trans 1/2” Max Medium ‘A’ Type Fine Driveway
Cal Trans 3/4″ Mix
3/8” Fine — 3/8” Patch Material

No asphalt used to construct “berms” is warranted when used for parking bumpers.