Tahoe Asphalt offers a variety of other products and services for the convenience of our customers.

  • Recycle Base
  • Boulders
  • Screened Fill Dirt
  • Compactable Fill Dirt
  • Pro Quality Hand Tools
  • Driveway Squeegees, Various Lengths
  • Crack Squeegees, Hot and Cold
  • Push Brooms, Poly and Wire
  • Lute Rakes, Various Lengths
  • Hand Tampers, Small and Large
  • Pour Pots

During the winter season, Tahoe Asphalt offers snow removal services for commercial accounts.

Additionally we are the only approved dump site for over excavation, asphalt and concrete within the Lake Tahoe Basin.  Any concrete containing rebar must be clipped close and pieces are not to exceed 2 feet square in volume.